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All American Leadership is a unique team of experienced leaders, each committed to investing focused energy and guidance to inspire every individual and team we work with; empower them with the tools they need to succeed and challenge them to accomplish extraordinary things. We understand what it takes...whether to develop a leader of character, or to build and sustain an elite culture... because we’ve done it before.

Our AAL team brings decades of real world leadership and success. Service academy graduates (West Point, Annapolis and Air Force), decorated combat leaders, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Officers, Rangers, SEALs, aviators, fire chiefs, PhD’s, global leadership expedition leaders, and other senior business leaders - AAL faculty have experienced success in complex, challenging environments and know what it takes to grow high performance cultures and develop leaders, it’s what we do.



According to the most current research, data and observed experiences, sustained high performance in todays environment is most dependent on culture. High performing, agile cultures are dependent upon:

All of which must be continually reiterated, reinforced and updated through the process of shared experiences, narratives, checklists, ‘storytelling’ and Values-Based Decision-making (VBDM). Culture starts by building these connections and then channeling them into action. Once established, strong cultures are much more likely to embrace, tackle and overcome significant challenges.

All American Leadership helps instill within program participants, both an understanding and a competence around these basic concepts.

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All American Leadership is a powerful intersection of supporting interests.

In the years immediately before the economic collapse of 2008, I found myself at a crossroads. I was making a very comfortable living at a highly successful company where I was respected and making a direct contribution to a significant growth trajectory. At the same time, I was experiencing a growing frustration with the way many businesses and business leaders operated. How they looked at their people as mere supporting cast in the quest for profit, with little or no regard for the wellbeing, growth or support of those that made their success possible.

For a long while, I believed that by demonstrating positive leadership in my own organization, I would set a positive example, and that should be good enough…but it wasn’t. In the back of my mind I knew that just wasn’t NEARLY enough. I wasn’t being the father or leader that I wanted to be or felt I was capable of being. I was nagged by a growing belief that I was capable of, no, RESPONSIBLE for, doing more…much, much more.
After a lot of reflection about how I wanted to make an impact, and where I wanted to take the rest of my life and my career, I realized that there were essentially three things that inspired me and that I felt I could energetically spend my life working toward. I synthesize them down to a personal commitment to:
  1. 1

    Learn, grow, and be fully present every day.

  2. 2

    Create a positive legacy that my children can be proud of.

  3. 3

    Improve the leadership and corporate culture of business.

Through All American Leadership, I believe that we have aligned with and created a platform comprised of proven, passionate leaders of character, all equally committed to the same overarching purpose: “To inspire, empower, and challenge leaders to build and sustain elite cultures.” In looking at the unique makeup of our team: West Point, Annapolis and Air Force Academy graduates, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Cavalry and Infantry officers, Fighter Pilots, Helicopter Pilots, Marines, and other successful academic, military and business leaders, one common thread courses through all of our veins – a deep and abiding passion to make a positive difference and effect transformational change with all of the businesses and individual leaders whose lives we touch.

In some ways we are like consultants, in that we dig deep to fully understand what our clients are working to accomplish. We take the time to understand their objectives, their challenges and priorities. We work to develop concrete strategies to achieve those objectives and address their challenges. But then we do something different…we get down in the trenches, roll up our sleeves and work with them, on site – in the conference room, on the plant floor, wherever the work happens, to build better leaders and stronger cultures.

In some ways we are coaches and mentors, challenging individuals to dig deep inside themselves to achieve real and lasting personal growth and competence. We share our own experiences and best practices, and like the best coaches, we are emotionally invested in the continued success of those we work with, urging them to commit the same emotional energy in their own growth.

Working with and among the passionate men and women who serve the All American Leadership team, it doesn’t take long to experience and buy into the shared intrinsic belief that making a difference is far more valuable than any financial reward we will ever earn. And through each other’s example, not only do we benefit our clients; we also help make each other better every day. To be a part of this team is the proudest affiliation of my adult life. If you share these personal or professional beliefs, and are committed to achieving similar results, I hope that you will connect with us. Let’s see how we can partner to impact and accomplish even greater things together.

Whatever it takes, wherever we are needed, however it needs to be delivered. We accept challenges that others won’t, to achieve what others can’t.

Rob Nielsen
CEO & Founder, All American Leadership, LLC