Building High Growth – High Performance Teams

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CEO Welcome Letter

Who We Are

All American Leadership is a unique team of experienced leaders, each committed to investing focused energy and guidance to inspire every individual and team we work with; empower them with the tools they need to succeed and challenge them to accomplish extraordinary things. We understand what it takes...whether to develop a leader of character, or to build and sustain an elite culture... because we’ve done it before.

Our AAL team brings decades of real world leadership and success. Service academy graduates (West Point, Annapolis and Air Force), decorated combat leaders, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Officers, Rangers, SEALs, aviators, fire chiefs, PhD’s, global leadership expedition leaders, and other senior business leaders - AAL faculty have experienced success in complex, challenging environments and know what it takes to grow high performance cultures and develop leaders, it’s what we do.

Team Collage

Our Leadership Team Includes:

  • Former Deputy Commandant of U.S. Military Academy at West Point
  • Former Commandant of The Citadel
  • Former Dir. Leadership & Professional Development, U.S. Naval Academy
  • Former Exec. Dir. Character & Leadership Development, U.S. Air Force Academy
  • Former Chief of National Leadership Training for Air Force ROTC
  • Former Air Force Rep. to Secretary of Defense on Ethics and Professionalism
  • Former Commander All SEAL Teams on the East Coast
  • Former Commander, Naval Special Warfare Center
  • Former Commander, U.S. Navy Destroyer Squadron 9
  • Global Leadership Expedition Leaders (Incl. NASA, Google, Top U.S. Bus. Schools)
  • Former Fire Chief; Cities of Anaheim, San Diego, Orange County Fire Authority
  • Multiple Combat Commanders
  • Multiple Recipients of the Legion of Merit
  • Multiple Recipients of the Bronze Star for Valor
  • Multiple PhD’s and Professors of Leadership
  • Multiple Division I Collegiate Athletes

Why This is Important

According to the most current research, data and observed experiences,  sustained high performance in todays environment is most dependent on culture. High performing, agile cultures are dependent upon:


All of which must be continually reiterated, reinforced and updated through the process of shared experiences, narratives, checklists, ‘storytelling’ and Values-Based Decision-making (VBDM).  Culture starts by building these connections and then channeling them into action. Once established, strong cultures are much more likely to embrace, tackle and overcome significant challenges.

All American Leadership helps instill within program participants, both an understanding and a competence around these basic concepts.