Private: FAQ: How do you measure the strength of a culture within an organization?

Culture is based upon belief. The more people within an organization believe in the processes, vision, and leaders, the stronger a culture becomes.   It is the consistency of belief among an organization’s leaders and team members that lays the foundation for a great culture. This is what All American Leadership measures and utilizes to help organizations create Elite Cultures.

All American Leadership uses a proven Culture Assessment to measure how each member of the executive team, each leader, and each team member rate the strength of the key tenets of an Elite Culture.

The overall score for each key tenet is calculated based upon its average rating and consistency among respondents. Tenets with a high score and strong consistency are cultural strengths. The Tenets with a low score or weak consistency are areas of opportunity to be evaluated and ultimately improved.

At AAL, we find many executive teams are surprised by the results and quickly realize their views of their organizations’ culture vary significantly and there is a lot of opportunity to improve.

Click Here to download the 2015 white paper on “How to Create an Elite Culture”

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