Brandon Gould

Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Organizational Performance Consultant

Brandon Gould

• Air Force Instructor Pilot with 2K+ flight hours in 6 different aircraft and 670+ combat flight hours
• Adjunct Leadership Coach with the Center for Creative Leadership and the Profession of Arms Center of Excellence
• M.S. in Leadership from Duquesne University and B.S. in Social Science from the U.S. Air Force Academy
• Former NCAA athlete and coach

Brandon is on a mission to change the world, one great leader at a time. A passionate student of the art and science of great leadership, Brandon has spent his career leading global operations, honing top talent, and molding high performing teams from the board room to the fields of friendly strife and beyond.

In addition to his work as a coach and facilitator with the world-renowned Center for Creative Leadership, the Center for Character and Leadership Development, and the Profession of Arms Center of Excellence Brandon is the Founder and Head Coach of Hustl, a Veteran-Owned Small Business providing agile performance solutions to help tackle some of the world's most important leadership challenges. A graduate of the Air Force Academy, Brandon learned the art of mindful leadership and purposeful action while serving as a decorated combat pilot, flight instructor, and football coach in the Air Force, and as an advisor to C-Suite Executives and elected officials. He continues to serve as a pilot in the Colorado Air National Guard and as an active community leader. Brandon and his wife are proud parents of 3 young children.

Brandon has worked with diverse global leaders in Healthcare, Marketing, Education, Sports, Non-Profit, Aerospace, Technology, Economic Development, Construction, Government, Law, Military, and other industries.

Brandon’s relational approach to coaching empowers leaders by helping them identify and embrace purpose in their life and work, and by supporting meaningful action which produces purpose-driven results. He challenges leaders to courageously take ownership of their role in developing high performing teams and cultures, and to lead with compassion, empathy, and vision. Brandon leverages industry-leading assessments to help leaders discover data-backed insights that help to improve self-awareness and team performance. Central to all engagements is a trusting partnership between Brandon and the leader, each committed to helping the leader thrive in meaningful and enduring ways.