Jeff Bowman

Director, Leadership Development

Jeff Bowman

• Retired Fire Chief: San Diego, Anaheim, Orange County Fire Authority
• Former President, California Fire Chiefs Association
• Former President, Orange County Fire Chiefs Association

"Throughout my career I have emphasized succession planning at all levels to ensure a solid continuation of leadership. In fact, while at the OCFA I created a division in the organization with the specific responsibility to accomplish that: I’m not aware of any public safety agency that has ever done so. Leadership responsibility is a gift; perpetuating it is a mandate."

Jeff Bowman is the just retired Fire Chief for the Orange County Fire Authority.  Under his leadership, he managed a department of 72 stations, 1,277 personnel, covering 23 cities and unincorporated areas of Orange County, CA.

He also serves on the Scripps Health Board of Trustees, appointed to the Board in 2004.  He has served on hospital system boards for the past 18 years and has significant insight into quality, culture, and leadership.  Mr. Bowman retired as Chief of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department in 2006.  Prior to his San Diego appointment, he was Fire Chief of the Anaheim Fire Department for 16 of the 29 years served with that agency.

Mr. Bowman served as President of the California Fire Chiefs Association and the Orange County Fire Chiefs Association, and was appointed to the State Board of Fire Services by Governor Pete Wilson in 1997.  He has served on committees of the National Fire Protection Association and the International Association of Fire Chiefs.  In 2004 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed him to the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission to address statewide fire and emergency issues.  He also has served as a technical advisor and consultant to several fire service-related companies.

Mr. Bowman was tasked with managing San Diego Fire-Rescue resources during the October 2003 Fire Storms which devastated San Diego County, and was subsequently appointed to co-chair the San Diego Regional Fire Prevention Emergency Preparedness Task Force by the Mayor of San Diego and the County Board of Supervisors.  He received community recognition for his management of the 2003 Fire Storms and was named “Fire Chief of the Year for 2004” by the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association.

He and his wife Denise have six children and five grandchildren so far, and enjoy farming a small family vineyard in Escondido, California.

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